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Veracity Energy Services Ltd. has a dedicated team of experts ready to assume the day-to-day management of the field operations, engineering, land, and accounting and environmental functions which can immediately reduce the G&A for our client.

Veracity has performed due diligence and evaluations of over 100 oil and gas assets and can support corporate mergers, property acquisitions, divestments, insolvency workouts, corporate restructuring, and financing.

From strategic guidance, business plan implementation, operations, land management, to end-of-life operations and reporting, Veracity's team has customized solutions to support your business. Our scalable services can help you source or provide staff on an as-needed basis and can be done in whole, singularly or any combination of our services listed here.


Field Operations

Veractiy's Field Operations are key in identifying operational efficiencies and reviewing potential short term payout projects to increase cash flow. Our Field operations team identify ways to enhance production volumes while maintaining and ensuring accuracy of field production data. They also assist in maintaining communications and company relationship with landowners, vendors and regulatory bodies. Field Operations are also critical in ensuring cost control of field invoices and executing well and facility optimization.

  • Due Diligence

  • Strategic guidance

  • Assessment & Liability Consulting Services, Including Services Related to:

    • Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO)

    • Site Specific Liability Assessments (SSLA)

    • Liability Management Rating Program (LMR)

    • Licensee Liability Rating Program (LLR)

    • Oilfield Waste Liability Program (OWL)

  • Acquisitions and divestitures

  • Regulatory applications

  • Field Operations

  • Budgeting and reporting

  • Financings and recapitalizations

  • Market identification

  • Administration, legal, insurance, HSE, regulatory



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