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Production Operation Management is critical to maximizing cash flow. Production practices and costs need to be properly managed to maximize profit margins. Our superintendents and operators work in many environments including remote-access areas and are backed by an experienced management and technical team that support all aspects of upstream operations.

Veracity's Production Superintendents provide field management services throughout the Western Provinces. With an average of 25+ years of experience, along with a broad skillset, we manage field operations in an efficient manor for our valued clients. Our superintendents have a significant amount of experience in optimizing production, reducing operating costs, increasing efficiencies, and ensuring that regulatory compliance and safety protocols are adhered to.

Veracity maintains commitment to our clients by providing them with experienced, well trained Field Operators. Our operators have an average of 10+ years of experience and operate with the support of the Veracity Production Superintendents, our engineering group and management team, who also have an extensive operations background. This situation has proven valuable to our clients as we are able to troubleshoot virtually any problem that arises.


  • Production Superintedents

  • Field Operators

  • Remote camp operations

  • Technical Team Assistance

  • Emergency Response Plans

  • Production Optimization strategies 

  • Regulatory reporting & compliance

  • Safety meetings planning

  • Production accounting and PVR

  • Invoice processing including cost coding  

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