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Veracity Energy Services Ltd. is comprised largely of senior oil and gas people, our knowledge of government procedures and policy is extensive. Veracity acts as agents and/or corporate officers on behalf or “out-of-province” companies to manage day to day compliance issues related to regulations and reporting throughout the western provinces.​

  • License Applications

  • Licensee Liability Rating Management

  • Government and Industry Notifications

  • EPAP Preparation and Reporting

  • DDS - Digital Data Submission System

  • DDS Field Surveillance Monitoring

  • Directive 13 and Inactive Well Compliance Management

  • Downspacing Applications

  • IRIS - Integrated Resource Information System

  • Directive 67

  • Directive 56

  • Directive 60/17 Fugitive Emissions

  • ERP Tabletop Procedures

  • Kermit - BC Oil & Gas Commission


Veracity Energy Services Ltd. understands the importance of health and safety and is committed to protect our employees, field consultants, contractors, sub-contactors, clients, environment, and the public. To fulfill this commitment, Veracity provides and maintains safe and healthy work environments by conducting its operations in accordance with all relevant regulations and legislation and industry standards.

By protecting our employees, field consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, clients, and public we are reducing the risks and hazards that may occur on the worksite and ultimately minimizing the operational costs.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Program

  • 24 Hour Emergency Contact number

  • Emergency Response Plan

  • Working alone policy

  • Approved Vendor program

  • Attend Western Canadian Spill Services Ltd.

  • (WCSS) training on behalf of clients

  • Operations regulatory and maintenance compliance program

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