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The basis of all information for an oil and gas company comes from the land department, which provides data to operations, accounting, engineering and management. Updated information related to changes in land agreements and contracts needs to be communicated to ensure accurate output from all departments. Building and maintaining relationships can have a significant impact on the operational and financial success of any project. Veracity's management team has a solid history and strong working relationship with Aboriginal groups within Western Canada.

  • Landman and Land Administrator

  • Master File Setup and Maintenance

  • Lessor Royalties, Compensatory Royalties

  • Freehold Mineral Tax

  • Rental Calendar

  • First Nation Consultation

  • Surface Land Acquisition Management

  • Offset Notices

  • Non-Resident Withholding Tax

  • Continuation Applications

  • Pre-Construction Assessments

  • Landowner/Occupant Consultation

  • Joint Venture

  • Title Rectification

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